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Monthly Archives: September 2012

9.30.12 poop snail

9.29.12 Thank you Chris Moore or Zach Fuller -Mabel Monday

9.28.12 Radio Show and Duck Zach Goose

9.24.12 No more skeleton (of the magic bird)

9.22 and 9.23.12

Big Important Questions and more on Skeletons of Magic Birds

We made it down to the Pawpaw festival

9.15.12 Skeletons of magic birds, First fire, Turkey dogs, More on Buck Jed Monday, Volaticus Pistrix, and a glimpse into the future

9.14.12 Rolly Polly, Tweetle Bug, Pill Bug, I’m not really sure what they’re called, but we like them.



9.09.12 My education, the conclusion of Fly Story 2, and the Surreal

9.8.12 Updated Beauty and the Beast and Flash Cards

9.2.12 Mabel making sales and pt. 2 of Fly Story 2

9.01.122 Christian Fanatics, Drag Queens, and Art!!!