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Monthly Archives: November 2012

11.29.12 Some thoughts on magic


11.20.12 I’m gonna miss you


11.19.12 Jack-o-lanterns and a More Friendly Dragon


11.19.12 Super Dad / Shitty Dad


11.17.12 Barbequed Barbies


11.16.12 Patrick the Hero of History, Nolan the Uncle, and David Bowie


11.12.12 When will it all cease?


11.11.12 Jumping out of trees and Peeing standing up





11.09.12 Some funny comments from Mabel


11.5.12 What’s that on your skirt?


11.04.12 sick




11.2.12 A Cosmic Request


11.1.12 Mabel comes back home to a household of one less friend