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Monthly Archives: December 2011

the last What to Do comic of 2011

12.31.11 happy n.y.

12.30.11 Last night with Jed

Something in the woods

I drew this last night while Andy Clark was plying some tunes on guitar.

12.29.11 choices

12.28.11 Jed hasn’t had the fish


12.26.11 eye pad

12.25.11 I used some markers today!

12.24.11 Christmas…………Why? We should act like this every day.(Spread the word)


I may or may not post comics today and tomorrow. I will draw them and post them on Monday at the latest.


12.22.11 jed collins in athens ohio


Left Hand / Right Hand

The image on top is the first drawing I’ve ever made with my left and right hand simultaneously. The image beneath it is Mabel’s first of the same type of drawing.