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5.30.12 What the hell are you doing, Animal Collective, and Bonzai

5.29.12 New Smaller Format!

5.27.12 plays, tricks, comic cons, and fun!

5.23.12 New Daddy’s Van

5.22.12 A Columbus Clippers Game!




I just want to let everyone what’s going on… My daily strips as they are, are now technically over. I am still catching up with the dailies up to may 17th. Then from the 18th to the 20th There will be multiple pages covering the Nelsonville Music Fest that I am currently writing a script for… All of them will be in color and in the same style as the more recent ones. Then that marks the end of this batch of journal comics which will be the next book of strips after Drink More Water. The reason for the recent change in style is because I was preparing for the next batch which will be a book. Starting on my birthday which was the 20th and going a year to end on my next birthday. I will not be posting these daily, but I might every now and then. If I do I’m going to start another web page specifically for them. Ultimately it will be a book that covers the more adult oriented side of my life and mind, focusing much on conversation and thoughts.This book at this point will be called “34” as it is the year that I will labeled 34 (I have no name for the book that is about to be wrapped up). I will continue to post comics about Mabel and myself on this website. It won’t be daily and they usually won’t be as nice looking as they have been lately. I am going to go back to just using pen and keeping them black and white because although doing these nice looking colored dailies has been very fun, they have also grown to be a large source of stress. The solutions in this update are meant to keep me working, but also to relieve me of some of my self-imposed obligations. Thank You Thank You Thank You for reading these. The Nelsonville ending is going to be awesome. And there are a couple more color ones before that to come.

5.13.12 we went to the circus!

5.12.12 girl watcher


May 12 through May 16 are coming. I just wanted to post this before the music fest.

The Tale of King Kong (5.11.12)

5.10.12 Mabel Monday’s Sleeping Beauty

5.09.12 A million billion times!

5.08.12 Now some on Penguins