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Walking Babe


Hate Cooking


9.28.12 Radio Show and Duck Zach Goose

7.31.12 So Close to Moving Time

7 page One year Anniversary Extravaganza! 1.There was a Crackhead in my van! 2.Recycling in German Village 3.Mabel loves Chip 4. Mabel loves Alan 5. Random Things 6. Princess or Prince 7.Recycling Roadblock

The Tale of King Kong (5.11.12)

Chris vs. Jed: Round 2

4.21.12 lgbt booty dance!

Everything is Terrible live!!!

3.27.12 Sleep laughing


2.12.12 Videos for Congress

Red Bodega Glass (David Lynch inspired short film/advertisement)


1.2.12 Mabel Monday meets Lena Weiland