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Monthly Archives: October 2012



10.27.12 MABEL’S BIRTHDAY!!! (and Brian Canini’s)

10.26.12 Comic Interview with Mabel the day before her Fourth Birthday! With audio!

Listen to the interview as you read it! It’s fun!Press play when you get to the first beep.

10.21.12 Naming Characters!!!


10.20.12 Mabel’s first haircut???



10.19.12 Dogman


10.18.12 Some Old Time Music-Dancing-Moustache Questions-the Cosmos and Carl Sagan- Role Reversal


10.15.12 owls


10.14.12 A hat from Dani…or is it?




10.12.12 My little helper loves me



10.7.12 The Skeleton

10.6.12 Zits and Lips and Blood

10.4.12 and 10.5.12 Sleepover and Brain