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6.03.12 Parental Choices

5.09.12 A million billion times!

5.1.12 Brain Powers

You can’t really tell by reading this comic, but the bottom frame and the top 9 are unrelated. This is the format that the rest of the comics in this series will be. They will go until May 19th and the daily comics on this site will cease to be. New daily comics will begin on May 20th in a different place. (This is my plan as it stands for now.)

4.28.12 Anxiety Dream

4.24.12 It smells like wheels in here

4.16.12 Testing the water in the lie pool



3.21.12 What’s up with your toe Dad?

3.11.12 Sleeping Beauty Ballet

3.8.12 cute things

3.7.12 Maany girls at the park

3.6.12 Mabel’s first wine tasting

3.5.12 I will wear that necklace

Leapyear day