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The Living Fang

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The Living Fang

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The Living Fang

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The Living Fang

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The Living Fang

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The Living Fang The Movie

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The Living Fang is a book I conceived of and pencilled over ten years ago. It fell to the wayside for years but has always been gnawing away in the back of my mind. So here now it will be, one page at a time. (maybe daily, maybe not every single day) I dedicated a year or two to intense pencilling, then it slowed down for a while as life became hectic. As I gradually added to it over the years there became a need for more and more. What was intended to be a 40 page book ended up being well over 100. At one point the pages went missing when my book bag was stolen. Instead of panic, I accepted the loss or I would have probably melted down. My acceptance of the loss caused a sense of relief as I now didn’t have to deal with the project that has absorbed years of my life. But miraculously, months later, a friend of mine called out of the blue saying he had my bag. One of his band mates had grabbed it after a show thinking it was one of their band mates bags. The relief that I’d felt for no longer having to deal with this project vaporized and I was now excited to be able to see it through. Though I left the pressure off myself knowing that it’s time would come. This story is nothing like anything I would or could make now. The art is from a time where my skill were raw and my ambition was high. When it began I’d intended for each page to be a stand alone page for the purpose of serialization, but after a while that goes away as it becomes more of a page by page story. I’m still excited because after all these years it’s humor still holds up for me. It’s not perfect, but in it’s on way it is perfect. It’s a perfect snapshot of a different time and as I ink the comic that my decade ago self drew, I will meet myself in a fun and goofy way. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed/been tormented by it over the years.

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You Did This Chapter 3



This is the first section of chapter 3. If you’d like to see the first two chapters, all of chapter 3, and receive book one (consisting of chapters 1 and 2), the click my Patreon link and join up! This will ultimately be a full length full color graphic novel and these books will be short runs only. Thanks for checking it out! (Also if you just want to buy a copy and not subscribe you can find them at birdcagebottombooks.com)

Cat Plane


Hard Opinions


Candid reaction to “34” (It’s a book)

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The previous post is where you can order 34, or check out www.etsy.com/shop/flyingweevil for this book, more comics, and used classic novels for awesome low prices!

34 by Chris Monday



This is a book of selected journal comics of the past. Available only here in this limited edition of thirty-four copies. (There is $2.66 added for shipping)




No Need For Food


Hypocrite in the Greasateria



No Time For Mummies