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Monthly Archives: February 2012

2.14.12 It was Valentine’s Day on this day

2.13.12 45 minutes of crap

Computer up!

New moniter is in. I will post all pages unposted late tonight when I get off work.

Computer Down!

My home/scanning computer is currently down and out. I will continue drawing daily pages, but will not post them until my home computer situation is remedied. If you have a complaint, please send a letter to the flying weevil productions complaint department at p.o. box 5612 athens OH 45701. Your letter will be reviewed and responded to accordingly before the first day of November 2013.

2.12.12 Videos for Congress

2.11.12 Guest Artist Suraphel Negussie

2.10.12 Spoke to a college art class!


yesterday’s and today’s comics come later tonight

2.8.12 Will Mabel like Skeleton Witch?




2.7.12 Fighting

2.6.12 Sick Mabel

2.5.12 Dad is Father Mom is Mother

2.4.12 Bills and All


2.3.12 a one line comic

2.2.12 Warren Taylor for U.S. Congress!!!